Full Bucket Seat Swing Seat for your Department of Parks and Recreation

A swing is an essential part of a park, daycare or preschool playground. However, for maintaining a safe playground environment full bucket seats are recommended for the little kiddos swinging on the swings. At Playtime, we carry a line of full bucket seats that are designed for toddlers to 12 years, up to 125 lbs.

The bucket seat is uniquely made with EPDM rubber and polymer blend finished with heavy duty stainless steel. The bucket is completely enclosed for added safety and comfort. The material helps it to maintain a cool temperature and to resist fading to the yellow swing bucket.

This bucket seat features: leg openings that are designed for small feet and for comfortable seating, a steel reinforced material on the belt line for maximum safety, is in full compliance with ASTM F2373 Playground Standard. When purchasing ask us about color selection: yellow, black, red, blue, green, and tan. This product does not include the chain and fastener. You can ask our customer service about have them added to your order.

Studies have shown that swings help young kids in the development of sensory perception, motor skills, like coordination, balance, motor planning and body strength, cognitive skills and social development. Swings should be an integral part of your parks and recreation playground plan.

If you are considering purchasing replacement full bucket seats for your parks and recreation, thinking of getting one that is strong and comfortable. Get one from Playtime.

full bucket seat

Yellow Full Bucket Seat

Backyard Merry Go Round

back yard merry go roundThe 5 seats or 4 seats merry go cycle is a small version of a merry go round and much less expensive. It is the perfect backyard merry go round for spring and summer backyard fun.

They merry go cycle is made from heavy steel to withstand the rigors of frequent rides which is usually the case for playground equipment found at parks, preschools, and commercial areas. But it is also a favorite of grandparents looking to create a fun-filled adventure in the backyard for grandchildren and the kiddos in their neighborhoods.

The merry go cycle backyard merry go round is made up of five tricycles to accommodate four or five children at a time. The structure moves when the children peddle their individual tricycle in coordination with their peers. It teaches the children teamwork, coordination and enhances their social skills.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced playground equipment for your backyard fun, then the merry go cycle / small merry go round would be a perfect choice. Four to Five kids at a time mean all the kids can get to enjoy it.

Also, the replacement parts for the merry go cycle / backyard merry go round are cheap and can be shipped within 2-3 days.


Metal Cleaners for Playground Equipment

Clean Plastic Slide

Clean Metal & Plastic Slide

Metals are useful elements found in most playground equipment. It can be made into the loftiest bridges or used as tiniest wiring in the internet. Find many metals at home compared with other materials. Your favorite pots and pans in the kitchen are made of metal. However, most metals attract dirt and tarnish over time and they darkened and obscuring the shiny finish. There are popular household and janitorial cleaners like hydrogen peroxide, citrus or pine used to clean metals. However, each metal type requires a different cleaning method and chemical. If the wrong cleaner is used, your favorite metal thing will be ruined.

Flitz metal polish and Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner
Flitz metal polish and COLONEL BRASSY METAL CLEANER are two high quality polish that can be used for cleaning swings, slides and even Merry Go Cycles. These metal cleaners do not only clean metals but plastic and fiberglass as well. They are often used in full strength.

Shake bottle well and pour a small amount on a clean cloth and rub thoroughly in the object. Let dry and polish to a great shine. Both the Colonel Brassy and Flitz are abrasive and strong. You have to dilute Brassy with 1:5 ratio of water when applied on all types aluminum, chrome, brass & copper, any kind of coated metal. Be careful to test the metal cleaner on a small sample area first.

Uses of Colonel Brassy
Versatility is the right word describing the uses of Brassy.
1. Cleans copper – Effective remover of tarnish and stain on brass and copper. Use a protective surface polish to screen the metal from air.
2. Stainless cleaning – Use full strength to remove baked on grease, hard water, mineral deposits surface rust and other surface from your stainless wares. Rub following direction of grain and polish to a high shine.
3. Cleans chrome cleaning – Apply a small amount of Brassy on a clean cloth to chrome applying a moderate pressure. It removes hard water deposit, rust and oxidation.
4. Cleans fiberglass, plastics, porcelain and tiles – Use a clean cloth or buffer wheel moisten with the polish; apply in a circular motion. Let dry to a haze then buff to high shine.
5. Cleans glass and mirror – Apply Colonel Brassy in full strength on glass or mirror. It is a good remover of glue, hard water deposits, tape residue and overspray.
6. Cleans your Pipes – Use full strength when applied on metal pipes to remove oil, grease and excess dirt

Use Brassy and Flitz to clean and shine your playground equipment
Aluminum bars
Merry Go Rounds
Spyder Ryders
Merry go cycle / circle cycle rims

Fire Truck Playground Equipment Great Addition to Little Feet Daycare & Preschool Grafton, WV

Fire Truck Playground Equipment

Fire Truck

Along with the Musical Chim, Spyder Ryder, Merry Go Cycle an other playground equipment, Fire Truck stands out as one we can say the kids really love. Everywhere in the world, you ask a group of kids, “what would you like to be when you grow up.” At least one out of ten will say a fireman. Little Feet Daycare & Preschool made a wonderful choice in playground equipment when they added the Fire Truck to their playground fun. These little kiddos are very fortunate to have this playground equipment as part of their preschool play fun.

About the fire truck Little Feet Daycare & Preschool had this to say: “Some exciting things are happening at Little Feet today!! A couple new pieces of equipment to enhance our outdoor play area. The units we chose offer different benefits. The fire truck will allow social interaction as well as imaginative play. Gross motor as they are making the large muscle movements to turn the wheels. This will also encourage them to run (you have to move quickly to put out a fire once you get there!) We also chose a music element to add to the outdoors. This allows them to learn rhythm and beat, great pre-reading and memory tool. It is also a great sensory sound experience that allows some children to connect in various ways! We are so excited to explore our new stuff.”

Fire Truck Playground Equipment Installation

Fire Truck Playground Equipment Installation

About Little Feet Daycare & Preschool

Little Feet Daycare & Preschool provides a safe, happy, and home like atmosphere for children. Because childhood should be a time of joy and adventure, the Center provides a variety of creative activities that children find interesting, stimulating, and fun.
Little Feet Daycare & Preschool
142 Blueville Dr
Grafton, WV 26354
(304) 265-4930

Tiny Tots Spinner Playground Equipment Now Part of Gateway Learning Center in Williamsport, Maryland

tiny tots spinner to playground fun

Tiny Tots Spinner

Tiny Tots Spinner is a really fun playground equipment for kiddos 2 to 5 years old. It is a fun spinning ride that teaches kids how to have fun together. Gateway Learning Center installed the Tiny Tots Spinner on their playground and had this to say about the whole experience:

“We admit children on the basis of compatibility with the day care center’s purpose and mission in mind.
Great customer service! The kids LOVED the new equipment today! They were patient and worked with us today even though the process on my end took a lot longer than it should have (church daycares have about 5 committees to get approval from). It was so helpful to be able to see the products and have them installed quickly and safely​. Good prices for fun, safe equipment.”

At Playtime we manufactured MADE IN THE USA products, like Tiny Tots Spinner, that are safe and provides maximum kids fun. If you have a day care, preschool or learning center, give us a call. We will help you identify and install the right playground equipment for your playground.

About Gateway Learning Center

Gateway Learning Center will be implementing a custom curriculum in the coming 2016/2017 school year. Our curriculum will have Monthly themes broken down into weekly emphasis. Each week we will be focusing on a different letter/sound, and number. We will focus on a different color bi-weekly and a shape per month. Each month the children will be learning Bible verses related to our theme.
Our Pre-K class will be working to meet and exceed the requirements for Kindergarten readiness for Fall 2017. We will be using the new Maryland Ready At Five Readiness guidelines to achieve these goals. They will be doing more paper–based activities to achieve this than will be done in younger–age classes. Name-writing, letter and number recognition/writing, color/shape recognition and scissor skills are some of the requirements we will achieve this year.

Gateway Learning Center
11017 Kemps Mill Rd
Williamsport, Maryland, MD 21795
Highlights info row image
(301) 582-4595 Ext 216

Merry Go Cycle Pedal Assembly Replacement Parts

Merry Go Cycle Parts

Merry Go Cycle Parts

Merry-Go-Cycle or the circle cycle is a strong, sturdy playground equipment for kids. However, like every other play set, after many rides, countess days of play fun, the wear and tear on the wheels might warrant a replacement of the pedal assembly, wheel, seats and other parts.

If you are in need of a replacement pedal assembly for your merry go cycle or your tricycle purchasing parts is not an expensive affair. PlaytimeUS has it at a very low price. You can purchase it on our website or you can purchase the merry go cycle parts on Amazon. On Amazon, the replacement parts are a little more expensive, but there are no shipping and handling fees. Orders are processed within 1 to 3 days allowing you to get the replacement part on time to ensure uninterrupted kids fun.

Since the price is reasonable, we advice our much appreciated customers to purchase a 4 seat or 5 seat set, depending on the number of seats on their merry to cycle. This will guarantee that a replacement will always be on hand. If you have question about your merry go cycle, please give our customer service department a call: 866-784-9400

Get a Merry Go Cycle for your Charter School Kids Playground


Merry Go Cycle 5 seat circle cycle

Merry Go Cycle or four or five seat Circle Cycle is one of the best selling kids playground equipment ,and there is a good reason why. This smaller version of the merry-go-round and the perfect addition to your charter school playground seats about four to five kids depending on the version you purchase.

The equipment spins around in a cycle when the kids coordinately peddle each playground bicycle or tricycle that makes up the merry go cycle. This sort of coordination teaches kids team work, build their endurance, improve on their social skills and add to the overall outdoor kids fun experience.

Interestingly, while many playground equipment can only be used either outdoor or indoor, the Merry Go Cycle is both an indoor and outdoor playset, enabling any school to offer this kind of fun exercise in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. It is not as heavy as other playground equipment and can be easily moved from the outdoor to the indoor.

If your school offers dance, music, media and P.E, this would be a great addition to your P.E. curriculum. This equipment is geared towards kids in PRE-K K3, K4 & K5 (3-, 4- and 5-year-old Kindergarten kids) up to 12 years old. If your school offers after-school program add this equipment to your playground for maximum fun and improve agility.

This mini outdoor/indoor Merry Go Round, unlike the plastic ones, is a sturdy equipment made of steel frame and rubber wheels, requiring very little maintenance. In the event of repair, we do sell replacement parts at a very low cost to you. The usually parts includes the merry go cycle wheels, merry go cycle seat, merry go cycle pedal assembly, merry go cycle wheel caps, merry go cycle wheel bearings, which are the basic components.

Although Playtime’s  MADE IN USA merry to cycle 4 and 5 seater circle cycle are some of the best in the market, we sell them at a reasonable price to meet your school or daycare budget. Whether your budget is for a used one or a brand new item from our Falkville, Alabama factory, we are here to serve you and to sell you one of the best merry go cycle your kids will ride on.

made in USA playground equipment

Falkville, Alabama Factory