Tiny Tots Spinner Playground Equipment Now Part of Gateway Learning Center in Williamsport, Maryland

tiny tots spinner to playground fun
Tiny Tots Spinner

Tiny Tots Spinner is a really fun playground equipment for kiddos 2 to 5 years old. It is a fun spinning ride that teaches kids how to have fun together. Gateway Learning Center installed the Tiny Tots Spinner on their playground and had this to say about the whole experience:

“We admit children on the basis of compatibility with the day care center’s purpose and mission in mind.
Great customer service! The kids LOVED the new equipment today! They were patient and worked with us today even though the process on my end took a lot longer than it should have (church daycares have about 5 committees to get approval from). It was so helpful to be able to see the products and have them installed quickly and safely​. Good prices for fun, safe equipment.”

At Playtime we manufactured MADE IN THE USA products, like Tiny Tots Spinner, that are safe and provides maximum kids fun. If you have a day care, preschool or learning center, give us a call. We will help you identify and install the right playground equipment for your playground.

About Gateway Learning Center

Gateway Learning Center will be implementing a custom curriculum in the coming 2016/2017 school year. Our curriculum will have Monthly themes broken down into weekly emphasis. Each week we will be focusing on a different letter/sound, and number. We will focus on a different color bi-weekly and a shape per month. Each month the children will be learning Bible verses related to our theme.
Our Pre-K class will be working to meet and exceed the requirements for Kindergarten readiness for Fall 2017. We will be using the new Maryland Ready At Five Readiness guidelines to achieve these goals. They will be doing more paper–based activities to achieve this than will be done in younger–age classes. Name-writing, letter and number recognition/writing, color/shape recognition and scissor skills are some of the requirements we will achieve this year.

Gateway Learning Center
11017 Kemps Mill Rd
Williamsport, Maryland, MD 21795
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(301) 582-4595 Ext 216

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