Full Bucket Seat Swing Seat for your Department of Parks and Recreation

A swing is an essential part of a park, daycare or preschool playground. However, for maintaining a safe playground environment full bucket seats are recommended for the little kiddos swinging on the swings. At Playtime, we carry a line of full bucket seats that are designed for toddlers to 12 years, up to 125 lbs.

The bucket seat is uniquely made with EPDM rubber and polymer blend finished with heavy duty stainless steel. The bucket is completely enclosed for added safety and comfort. The material helps it to maintain a cool temperature and to resist fading to the yellow swing bucket.

This bucket seat features: leg openings that are designed for small feet and for comfortable seating, a steel reinforced material on the belt line for maximum safety, is in full compliance with ASTM F2373 Playground Standard. When purchasing ask us about color selection: yellow, black, red, blue, green, and tan. This product does not include the chain and fastener. You can ask our customer service about have them added to your order.

Studies have shown that swings help young kids in the development of sensory perception, motor skills, like coordination, balance, motor planning and body strength, cognitive skills and social development. Swings should be an integral part of your parks and recreation playground plan.

If you are considering purchasing replacement full bucket seats for your parks and recreation, thinking of getting one that is strong and comfortable. Get one from Playtime.

full bucket seat

Yellow Full Bucket Seat

Merry Go Cycle Pedal Assembly Replacement Parts

Merry Go Cycle Parts

Merry Go Cycle Parts

Merry-Go-Cycle or the circle cycle is a strong, sturdy playground equipment for kids. However, like every other play set, after many rides, countess days of play fun, the wear and tear on the wheels might warrant a replacement of the pedal assembly, wheel, seats and other parts.

If you are in need of a replacement pedal assembly for your merry go cycle or your tricycle purchasing parts is not an expensive affair. PlaytimeUS has it at a very low price. You can purchase it on our website or you can purchase the merry go cycle parts on Amazon. On Amazon, the replacement parts are a little more expensive, but there are no shipping and handling fees. Orders are processed within 1 to 3 days allowing you to get the replacement part on time to ensure uninterrupted kids fun.

Since the price is reasonable, we advice our much appreciated customers to purchase a 4 seat or 5 seat set, depending on the number of seats on their merry to cycle. This will guarantee that a replacement will always be on hand. If you have question about your merry go cycle, please give our customer service department a call: 866-784-9400