Benefits of Outdoor Play to Children’s Growth


spyder Ryder outdoor play

Spyder Ryder Outdoor Play Structure

Children need to get exposed to the outdoors and playgrounds are perfect places where kids can play and have fun. It is in these spaces where children can make a mess, run around, hide and interact with other children. This is a good way for them to explore the world. And for parents, allowing their kids to experience outdoor play is very essential. Some parents may restrict their kids because of safety concerns. But allowing them to play outdoors has a lot more benefits. With parent’s supervision, playing in playground sets are safe. Playground equipment like the Merry-go-cycle, Spyder Rider, Swing and Merry Go Round help to teach children coordination and improve their social skills.

Basically, there are two reasons why parents should encourage their kids to go outdoors. For one, it is critical in early childhood development. The development tasks that children have to achieve include gross motor development, taking risks, exploring among many others, can be learned when they play outdoors. Another purpose as to why outdoor play is critical is that it prevents kids from using too much mobile devices. Nowadays, children are always using their mobile devices. They spend more time at home.

Benefits of Outdoor Play

  • One of the benefits of outdoor is that it is good for the over-all health of kids. Children have to develop their motor skills. Studies have indicated that having a comprehensive and detailed discussion how young children can acquire and develop their motor skills. Encouraging kids to play outdoors is an effective way to develop their motor skills. Playgrounds are spaces where kids can have physical exercises.
  • Outdoor play enables children to enjoy their childhood and to make the most out of it. There is a saying that we only get to be young once and we should make the most out of it. And for children, parents should allow their kids to have time to play outdoors.
  • When they play outside, they see the world. They learn about so many things in the world. The things that children learn outside can be learned in different ways. This allows them to develop their imagination and open up their creativity. Kids can learn not just the basic information, but as well as other things about the world.
  • As kids engage in physical activities, they have physical exercise that they can enjoy. On top of that, outdoor playing also allows children to have fresh air as they are not confined in classrooms.
  • Children can also develop their social skills. In playground areas, kids have the opportunity to enjoy and to socialize with other people. By encouraging kids to play outdoors, children learn how to reach out to other people and how to be social.

With all the benefits that children can get from outdoor play, there is simply no reason why parents wouldn’t allow them. Although there are risks considering that there are dangers among playground equipment, but with the supervision and with having completely safe playground sets, parents can definitely be sure that their kids can enjoy playing outdoors without having to worry about their safety.

Get a Merry Go Cycle for your Charter School Kids Playground


Merry Go Cycle 5 seat circle cycle

Merry Go Cycle or four or five seat Circle Cycle is one of the best selling kids playground equipment ,and there is a good reason why. This smaller version of the merry-go-round and the perfect addition to your charter school playground seats about four to five kids depending on the version you purchase.

The equipment spins around in a cycle when the kids coordinately peddle each playground bicycle or tricycle that makes up the merry go cycle. This sort of coordination teaches kids team work, build their endurance, improve on their social skills and add to the overall outdoor kids fun experience.

Interestingly, while many playground equipment can only be used either outdoor or indoor, the Merry Go Cycle is both an indoor and outdoor playset, enabling any school to offer this kind of fun exercise in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. It is not as heavy as other playground equipment and can be easily moved from the outdoor to the indoor.

If your school offers dance, music, media and P.E, this would be a great addition to your P.E. curriculum. This equipment is geared towards kids in PRE-K K3, K4 & K5 (3-, 4- and 5-year-old Kindergarten kids) up to 12 years old. If your school offers after-school program add this equipment to your playground for maximum fun and improve agility.

This mini outdoor/indoor Merry Go Round, unlike the plastic ones, is a sturdy equipment made of steel frame and rubber wheels, requiring very little maintenance. In the event of repair, we do sell replacement parts at a very low cost to you. The usually parts includes the merry go cycle wheels, merry go cycle seat, merry go cycle pedal assembly, merry go cycle wheel caps, merry go cycle wheel bearings, which are the basic components.

Although Playtime’s  MADE IN USA merry to cycle 4 and 5 seater circle cycle are some of the best in the market, we sell them at a reasonable price to meet your school or daycare budget. Whether your budget is for a used one or a brand new item from our Falkville, Alabama factory, we are here to serve you and to sell you one of the best merry go cycle your kids will ride on.

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