Looking Forward to 2021

This past year has been very troublesome for many of us. Through it all we have kept our head up, faces covered and our noses to the grind. Playtime has continually worked throughout these times. This year like many years before, has slipped through our fingers. We look to the holiday season. I expect this holiday will look different from the years gone by. Our old traditions may have to change some, but we have the wonderful opportunity to develop new ones.


The playgrounds have changed, and we are hoping that they have changed for the better. So many of us are out and about these days. We are all thriving on not only keeping our work separate from our home lives as many of us work from home, but having the opportunity to have more family time. Whether to you that looks like nature hikes and picnics or staying out a little past dark and playing on the playground with the children.


We would like to encourage the latter. Playgrounds are the epicenter of a terrific childhood experience. The slides, swings, climbing structures and so many more aspects are what builds our children up. Not only do they develop character but stamina and not to mention social interaction.


Since social interaction has taken a major shift this year, we would like to think that playgrounds have not changed much. Children are resilient, trustworthy, and always full of energy. Let’s take the time to play on a Merry-Go-Cycle or a Spyder Ryder, make new friends and develop those needed social skills.


I remember all the great times I had playing on the playground as a child, and as my son grew up, I took pleasure in taking him outside so he could play. I got on the slides with him, pushed him as he soared through the sky on a swing, dug and made sandcastles.


So, what could all this change bring in 2021? Our kids grow up happier, healthier, and playing on those beloved playgrounds we used to use. The playgrounds get re-energized, added to and loved by yet another generation.  It means that our children can grow up and have their imaginations develop further by being that helicopter pilot, train conductor or even an architect. These trips to the playground not only capture their imaginations while they are there, but they capture their dreams for the future. Remember as a child you used to swing on the swing set and go as high as you could thinking if only, I could be an astronaut and see the stars and clouds as I imagine them now? I feel like that is how most people start their dreams.


Playgrounds host a variety of dreams. They can be a pilot, astronaut, public servant, train conductor among so many more professions. Did you really think that playing on a playground was just to help the kids sleep better at night? Ha ha ha   


Let Playtime Playground Equipment help you with your children! Whether being in the backyard of your home, the back of your daycare or school or even just down the block, we have a variety of toys and structures to meet your needs. We offer financing and low down-payments too.


As always Playtime is here for you and your children. Have a safe and happy holiday season and here’s to looking forward to 2021!

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