Two Winter Indoor Playground Equipment for Academy Learning Centers

Winter is coming! but the children still have to play. What are you going to do to create that fun outdoor atmosphere indoors. We have two options for Winter indoor playground equipment that would fit the needs of any academy, learning center, preschool or daycare. These two options are good for both outdoors and indoors. Therefore, if you purchase them from Playtime, you will have 12 months of value, moving them indoors during the Winter months and outdoors during the warming temperature of Spring and Summer.

The Spyder Ryder
This equipment is fun equipment that accommodates up to four children at a time, bouncing up and down on the spring supported seats can be real fun for children 2 to 12 years old. The Spyder Ryder is made with an all metal durable frame and meets IPEMA requirements. The equipment is painted with vibrant colors and has four seats like the seats of the Merry Go Cycle.

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Residential Spyder Ryder Outdoor Play Structure

The Merry Go Cycle
This equipment is one of the most fun equipment for children. You can get little kiddos on, but it will be difficult to get them off. Kids love this playground equipment so much that it has been the favorite of most children learning centers. The Merry Go Cycle is a small version of the Merry Go Round that can fit into a 12 x 12 area quit comfortably. The equipment is light-weight and can be lifted from outdoor to indoor without excessive help. This playground equipment holds up to 5 kids riding and peddling round and round.

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If you are a manager for a children learning center and are looking for an option for this coming Winter, consider these two playground options. The little kiddos will love them.

Circle Cycle Merry Go Round for children 2-5 years old

One place you will expect to find a number of kiddos during a weekday is at the daycare, where many of them are usually between 2 and 5 years old. Daycares offer temporary care and learning center during school days, holiday, school closures, vacation breaks and some evenings and weekends.

If you are going to place you kid at a daycare and spend a decent amount of money doing so, you will want them in a daycare facility that is engaging and have the best playground equipment, one of those is the circle cycle merry go round.

The Circle Cycle Merry Go Round is a mini version of the merry go round. I helps to build muscle strength and coordination for up to 5 children with this fun, peddle-powered merry-go-round. Powder coated steel construction features solid-steel track and extra-heavy base that prevents tipping. Some assembly required, installs with included ground stakes.

Put a brand new Merry-Go-Cycle in action and let your children experience so much fun and great exercise as they pedal to make it go either forward or backward.

mini circle cycle

Mini Circle Cycle

Backyard Merry Go Round

back yard merry go roundThe 5 seats or 4 seats merry go cycle is a small version of a merry go round and much less expensive. It is the perfect backyard merry go round for spring and summer backyard fun.

They merry go cycle is made from heavy steel to withstand the rigors of frequent rides which is usually the case for playground equipment found at parks, preschools, and commercial areas. But it is also a favorite of grandparents looking to create a fun-filled adventure in the backyard for grandchildren and the kiddos in their neighborhoods.

The merry go cycle backyard merry go round is made up of five tricycles to accommodate four or five children at a time. The structure moves when the children peddle their individual tricycle in coordination with their peers. It teaches the children teamwork, coordination and enhances their social skills.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced playground equipment for your backyard fun, then the merry go cycle / small merry go round would be a perfect choice. Four to Five kids at a time mean all the kids can get to enjoy it.

Also, the replacement parts for the merry go cycle / backyard merry go round are cheap and can be shipped within 2-3 days.


Merry Go Cycle Pedal Assembly Replacement Parts

Merry Go Cycle Parts

Merry Go Cycle Parts

Merry-Go-Cycle or the circle cycle is a strong, sturdy playground equipment for kids. However, like every other play set, after many rides, countess days of play fun, the wear and tear on the wheels might warrant a replacement of the pedal assembly, wheel, seats and other parts.

If you are in need of a replacement pedal assembly for your merry go cycle or your tricycle purchasing parts is not an expensive affair. PlaytimeUS has it at a very low price. You can purchase it on our website or you can purchase the merry go cycle parts on Amazon. On Amazon, the replacement parts are a little more expensive, but there are no shipping and handling fees. Orders are processed within 1 to 3 days allowing you to get the replacement part on time to ensure uninterrupted kids fun.

Since the price is reasonable, we advice our much appreciated customers to purchase a 4 seat or 5 seat set, depending on the number of seats on their merry to cycle. This will guarantee that a replacement will always be on hand. If you have question about your merry go cycle, please give our customer service department a call: 866-784-9400