Fire Truck Playground Equipment Great Addition to Little Feet Daycare & Preschool Grafton, WV

Fire Truck Playground Equipment
Fire Truck

Along with the Musical Chim, Spyder Ryder, Merry Go Cycle an other playground equipment, Fire Truck stands out as one we can say the kids really love. Everywhere in the world, you ask a group of kids, “what would you like to be when you grow up.” At least one out of ten will say a fireman. Little Feet Daycare & Preschool made a wonderful choice in playground equipment when they added the Fire Truck to their playground fun. These little kiddos are very fortunate to have this playground equipment as part of their preschool play fun.

About the fire truck Little Feet Daycare & Preschool had this to say: “Some exciting things are happening at Little Feet today!! A couple new pieces of equipment to enhance our outdoor play area. The units we chose offer different benefits. The fire truck will allow social interaction as well as imaginative play. Gross motor as they are making the large muscle movements to turn the wheels. This will also encourage them to run (you have to move quickly to put out a fire once you get there!) We also chose a music element to add to the outdoors. This allows them to learn rhythm and beat, great pre-reading and memory tool. It is also a great sensory sound experience that allows some children to connect in various ways! We are so excited to explore our new stuff.”

Fire Truck Playground Equipment Installation
Fire Truck Playground Equipment Installation

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