Metal Cleaners for Playground Equipment

Clean Plastic Slide
Clean Metal & Plastic Slide

Metals are useful elements found in most playground equipment. It can be made into the loftiest bridges or used as tiniest wiring in the internet. Find many metals at home compared with other materials. Your favorite pots and pans in the kitchen are made of metal. However, most metals attract dirt and tarnish over time and they darkened and obscuring the shiny finish. There are popular household and janitorial cleaners like hydrogen peroxide, citrus or pine used to clean metals. However, each metal type requires a different cleaning method and chemical. If the wrong cleaner is used, your favorite metal thing will be ruined.

Flitz metal polish and Colonel Brassy Metal Cleaner
Flitz metal polish and COLONEL BRASSY METAL CLEANER are two high quality polish that can be used for cleaning swings, slides and even Merry Go Cycles. These metal cleaners do not only clean metals but plastic and fiberglass as well. They are often used in full strength.

Shake bottle well and pour a small amount on a clean cloth and rub thoroughly in the object. Let dry and polish to a great shine. Both the Colonel Brassy and Flitz are abrasive and strong. You have to dilute Brassy with 1:5 ratio of water when applied on all types aluminum, chrome, brass & copper, any kind of coated metal. Be careful to test the metal cleaner on a small sample area first.

Uses of Colonel Brassy
Versatility is the right word describing the uses of Brassy.
1. Cleans copper – Effective remover of tarnish and stain on brass and copper. Use a protective surface polish to screen the metal from air.
2. Stainless cleaning – Use full strength to remove baked on grease, hard water, mineral deposits surface rust and other surface from your stainless wares. Rub following direction of grain and polish to a high shine.
3. Cleans chrome cleaning – Apply a small amount of Brassy on a clean cloth to chrome applying a moderate pressure. It removes hard water deposit, rust and oxidation.
4. Cleans fiberglass, plastics, porcelain and tiles – Use a clean cloth or buffer wheel moisten with the polish; apply in a circular motion. Let dry to a haze then buff to high shine.
5. Cleans glass and mirror – Apply Colonel Brassy in full strength on glass or mirror. It is a good remover of glue, hard water deposits, tape residue and overspray.
6. Cleans your Pipes – Use full strength when applied on metal pipes to remove oil, grease and excess dirt

Use Brassy and Flitz to clean and shine your playground equipment
Aluminum bars
Merry Go Rounds
Spyder Ryders
Merry go cycle / circle cycle rims

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