Merry Go Cycle Pedal Assembly Replacement Parts

Merry Go Cycle Parts
Merry Go Cycle Parts

Merry-Go-Cycle or the circle cycle is a strong, sturdy playground equipment for kids. However, like every other play set, after many rides, countess days of play fun, the wear and tear on the wheels might warrant a replacement of the pedal assembly, wheel, seats and other parts.

If you are in need of a replacement pedal assembly for your merry go cycle or your tricycle purchasing parts is not an expensive affair. PlaytimeUS has it at a very low price. You can purchase it on our website or you can purchase the merry go cycle parts on Amazon. On Amazon, the replacement parts are a little more expensive, but there are no shipping and handling fees. Orders are processed within 1 to 3 days allowing you to get the replacement part on time to ensure uninterrupted kids fun.

Since the price is reasonable, we advice our much appreciated customers to purchase a 4 seat or 5 seat set, depending on the number of seats on their merry to cycle. This will guarantee that a replacement will always be on hand. If you have question about your merry go cycle, please give our customer service department a call: 866-784-9400

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