Get a Merry Go Cycle for your Charter School Kids Playground


Merry Go Cycle 5 seat circle cycle

Merry Go Cycle or four or five seat Circle Cycle is one of the best selling kids playground equipment ,and there is a good reason why. This smaller version of the merry-go-round and the perfect addition to your charter school playground seats about four to five kids depending on the version you purchase.

The equipment spins around in a cycle when the kids coordinately peddle each playground bicycle or tricycle that makes up the merry go cycle. This sort of coordination teaches kids team work, build their endurance, improve on their social skills and add to the overall outdoor kids fun experience.

Interestingly, while many playground equipment can only be used either outdoor or indoor, the Merry Go Cycle is both an indoor and outdoor playset, enabling any school to offer this kind of fun exercise in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. It is not as heavy as other playground equipment and can be easily moved from the outdoor to the indoor.

If your school offers dance, music, media and P.E, this would be a great addition to your P.E. curriculum. This equipment is geared towards kids in PRE-K K3, K4 & K5 (3-, 4- and 5-year-old Kindergarten kids) up to 12 years old. If your school offers after-school program add this equipment to your playground for maximum fun and improve agility.

This mini outdoor/indoor Merry Go Round, unlike the plastic ones, is a sturdy equipment made of steel frame and rubber wheels, requiring very little maintenance. In the event of repair, we do sell replacement parts at a very low cost to you. The usually parts includes the merry go cycle wheels, merry go cycle seat, merry go cycle pedal assembly, merry go cycle wheel caps, merry go cycle wheel bearings, which are the basic components.

Although Playtime’s  MADE IN USA merry to cycle 4 and 5 seater circle cycle are some of the best in the market, we sell them at a reasonable price to meet your school or daycare budget. Whether your budget is for a used one or a brand new item from our Falkville, Alabama factory, we are here to serve you and to sell you one of the best merry go cycle your kids will ride on.

made in USA playground equipment

Falkville, Alabama Factory

Categories of Commercial Playground Equipment for Kids


What Do Kids Want? You don’t have to wonder any more, because Playtime understands how fun works. We have been building playgrounds for over 25 years, so we know exactly what makes one worth playing on. Our designs encourage your child’s imagination and make it fun for them to get moving!

Some of our bestsellers, like the Merry-Go-Cycle, and musical chimes let kids interact not only with the playground, but with each other! Great fun and exercise for your little ones.

Trains! Firetrucks! School buses! Let your child’s imagination drive them on to new adventures in our fun and creative rides. Some designs come equipped with springs for extra fun and exercise, as the wheels on the bus bounce up and down.

Climbing Towers
We build everything from basic one-stage play towers to sprawling four-stage playgrounds. Buy straight off the line or order a custom design! Since we build everything ourselves, meeting your needs is easy and affordable.

Classics Swings and Slides
You can never wrong with the classic swings and climbers. At playtime we produce swings that would be part of your playground for a very long time. Our Two and Three set swings are a must have for kids fun and interaction. Our slides are made from tough metal and plastic. Perfect for day-cares, backyards, housing communities and parks.

Playtime Tower Sets for every Playground

Here at Playtime we are right along side you every step of the way, because we are with our products from design, to manufacturing, to you. That makes it easy to get what you need. Whatever size or design of play tower you need, we will work with you to make sure it’s the perfect fit:

Here are just a few of the options we offer:

  • Unique themes
  • Variety of colors
  • Multiple slide designs
  • fireman’s pole
  • climbing walls
  • rappel walls
  • tunnels and bridges
  • monkey bars
  • custom panels

Call today for a FREE consultation: 866-784-9400

Playground Equipment Replacement parts and Used supplies

From time to time, you will need to replace a worn-out bolt, screw, seat or other playground parts. It could be a simple part for a playset, but without it your child can’t play. Here is a list of playground parts. Do call us if you do not see your replacement part on the list: 866-784- 9400

Replacement part Retail
Art Board Cup Holder $65
11643 / Borders – 4’4″ x 8″ wide 10# w/spike $42
Borders – 4’4″ x 12″ wide 12# w/spike $47
11760 / Climber Hand Rings $35
MGC Arms (includes seat) 17# $156
F14 Tomcat Handle $35
11753 / MGC Pedal w/cap (2 pedals) (1/2″) $15
11752 / MGC Pedal Assembly (bearings not included) 1# $22
MGC Seats (10 ½ “ L X 6″ W) $22
11754 / MGC Wheels (10″) 5# $45
11751 / MGC Wheel Bearings (2 per wheel) $6
Picnic Table Seats $140
Picnic Table Top $275
Playhouse Vinyl Top $105
Plexiglas for Art Board /Easel $260
11618 / S-Hooks $1.75
See Saw Seats (151/2″ x 5″) $16
Spin Tub Bearing Assembly 9x9x6 15# 5/6 lug $75
Spin Tub Shaft Assembly (5-lug) 15x15x26 30# $225
Spin Tub Shaft Assembly (6-lug) 15x15x26 30# $275
Spin Tub Base $301
Spring Bouncer Arm (New Style only) sold 2012 or after $285
Spring Bouncer Seat $21
Spring Bouncer Spring 9″ $85
Stakes $6
11749B/Y Steering Wheels (8″) $25
11620 / Swing Belt Seat (24″ x 6″) $45
11616 / Swing Bucket Seat w/front chain $105
11617 / Swing Bucket Seat all enclosed $125
Swing Chains (per bay) $30
Swing A Bracket (Top 2 3/8″ OD Legs 1.90″OD) $68
Swing Middle Bracket (Top 2 3/8″ OD Legs 1.90″ OD) $90
11755 / Swing Hangers 2 3/8″ $30
Tic Tac Toe Blocks $235
Tires for Jeep/School Bus $50
11750 / Tire Swing (tire only) (includes chains) $350
Tire Swing Swivel $250
Tricycle Handle Grips /Airplane Grips $6
Tricycle Wheel 8″ (back w/bearings) $38
Tricycle Wheel 10″ (front w/bearings) $45
Chimes Beater $20

Winter Product Update


Our new Tiny Tots Spinner is flying off the shelves! Our fun take on the classic tea cup ride is decorated with three cute animal panels and allows three children to spin till they’re dizzy. It has safety rails on each seat and safety-rolled edges. The panels are made of durable, UV treated HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic, so you can count on it to hold up no matter how much fun your kids have. Check it out on our website, or call today to place your order!

Spring Product Update

Here at PlayTime, we’re always working to improve our products. Whether it’s new artwork on an old piece, redesigning our racecars to showcase our new plastic-molding capabilities, or building creative new tower combinations, you can count on us to be looking ahead. Here’s a few pieces we’ve been working on lately. We hope you’ll like them. You can find all these products and more in our online store!

DSC_0448 DSC_0425

Our new plastic slides are designed for durability, and our towers are quality, powder-coated steel. The treehouse comes in small and large sizes, and both feature a crawl-through tunnel.

DSC_0368 DSC_0394

We’ve made the change from fiberglass to plastic, and you’ll love what we’re doing with it. With our new race car and jet ski designs, your kids are sure to go places!


We’ve redesigned our base and roof to make a sturdier and longer lasting playhouse. Includes a tic-tac-toe chalkboard for fun, and a rounded-off bench seat for safety.


New artwork for our classic firetruck includes the firefighters’ emblem next to a dalmatian, and we’ve also redesigned our picnic table!

Be sure to check out our full catalog at!

American Playgrounds 1: Lion’s Park Playscape

This is the first in our series on awesome playgrounds across America. At Playtime, we’re in the business of having fun, and we want to recognize the creative ways that others contribute to that same goal. Each week, we’ll spotlight another creative playground somewhere in the United States.

This week, we’ll take a look at Lion’s Park Playscape in Greensboro, Alabama. Designed by students at Auburn University, this eco-friendly playground is made out of reclaimed 55-gallon drums.

The barrels are laid out in a maze, with various playsites such as swings and climbing bars hidden throughout. With various surfaces, sound tubes, and climbing areas, this playground is designed to stimulate every sense and encourage exploration and imagination. On any given day, you can find children running, swinging, climbing, jumping, and hiding all throughout the creative playscape.

This playground is part of an overall development of Lion’s Park, which also hosts several sports fields. The planned project will include a multi-purpose hub, a newly landscaped park, and even a hut for Scouts, with the goal of transforming the area from a mere sports complex into a fully-developed area for recreation and leisure. We love seeing this kind of development in our home state, and we’re sure the kids and parents of Greensboro will enjoy the finished product!

Worn or Missing Playground Parts Replacement

The following replacement parts are available: merry go cycle seats, merry go cycle arms, see saw seats, swing seats, swing chains, swing hooks, pedals for cycles, wheels, tires, steering wheels.

S-Hook Large Loop Zinc
Your playground hangs tough with these high quality zinc plated and galvanized S-hooks. They feature a 5/16″ diameter and will support children ages 12 and under who weight no more than 125 pounds.
1/2″ Merry Go Cycle Replacement Pedal Assembly
Merry Go Cycle Wheel Bearing

Merry Go Cycle Wheel Bearing
Replacement Bearing fits the Merry Go Cycle (Not sold as a pair, priced individually)
1/2″ Merry Go Cycle Replacement Pedals
Merry Go Cycle Pedals with Caps

Merry Go Cycle Pedals with Caps
1/2″ Replacement Pedals with Caps fits the Merry Go Cycle and Tricycle
1/2″ Merry Go Cycle Replacement Pedal Assembly
Merry Go Cycle Pedal Assembly

Merry Go Cycle Pedal Assembly
1/2″ Replacement Pedal Assembly fits the Merry Go Cycle and Tricycle (Not sold as a pair, priced individually)
Merry Go Cycle / Spyder Ryder / Tricycle Replacement Seat
Replacement Seats

Merry Go Cycle / Spyder Ryder Replacement Seats
10 1/2″L x 6″W Replacement Seat fits the Merry Go Cycle / Spyder Ryder and Tricycle
Swing Hangers with bronze bushing
Stamped Steel Swing Hangers

Stamped Steel Swing Hangers
These hangers have a steel pivot bolt that suspends a tough bronze bushing that makes for an incredibly tough hanger. Its galvanization means that it will support children ages 12 and under who weight no more than 125 pounds. Top bar is 2-3/8″
Tough trapeze rings
Triangular Trapeze Ring

Triangular Trapeze Ring
These heavy duty trapeze rings are really tough. Their heavy coating goes all the way to the connection point. Product is constructed of heavy aluminum and will support children ages 12 and under who weight no more than 125 pounds.
Belt Swing Seats
Belt Seat Swing Seats

Belt Seat
This swing seat represents everyone’s fondest childhood memories! Designed to support children ages 12 and under who weight no more than 125 pounds. Dimensions are 24″ x 6″.
Landscape Timber
Best Price Landscape Timbers

4′ Landscape Timber
If you’re looking to create a barrier around your playground the 4′ timber is molded from plastics of the highest quality. Dimensions are 4′ x 8″. For use of children ages 12 and under no more than 125 lbs.
10″ Merry Go Cycle Replacement Wheel
Merry Go Cycle Wheels

Merry Go Cycle Wheels
10″Replacement Wheel fits the Merry Go Cycle and Tricycle
High Back Half Bucket Seat
Swing Seats High Back Half Bucket

High Back Half Bucket Seat
This seat has a unique high back for added support and comfort and features full stainless steel inserts. Designed to support children ages 12 and under who weight no more than 125 pounds.
High Back Full Bucket Seat
Swing Seats High Back Full Bucket

High Back Full Bucket Seat
This seat has a unique high back completely enclosed for added support and comfort. Featuring full stainless steel inserts. Designed to support children ages 12 and under who weight no more than 125 pounds.
Tire Swing Seat
Tire Swing

Tire Swing
This tire swing includes the plastisol coated chains. Designed to support children ages 12 and under who weight no more than 125 pounds.
Features optional 5-point harness
ADA Swing Seat Complete With Chain and Harness

Adaptive Swing Seat Complete with Chain and Harness
The smooth rounded design and wide seating area makes this swing seat a comfortable, as well as appealing seat for your play area. The “Adaptive Swing Seat” is designed to meet the ADA standards. Features an optional 5-point harness. We offer this as a complete unit with seat, harness and chain to allow for a seamless and easy installation. This roto-molded, ADA compliant seating area is 18″ wide and 25″ high. Overall dimensions are 33″ wide and 38″ high. The 5-point harness is an optional feature. We offer six colors for you to choose from! Designed to support children ages 12 and under who weigh no more than 125 pounds

Public Playground Safety Checklist

Playtime Playground Equipment is committed to providing a safe environment for all children to entertain and develop themselves. We Meet or Exceed All ASTM Safety Standards.

Playtime Playground Equipment meets or exceeds all playground Industry safety standards. Below you can read the Public Playground Safety Checklist as provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Playtime Playground Equipment meets or exceeds all United States Consumer Product Safety and ASTM Guidelines. Our ASTM International Member number is 1153241.

Playtime Playground Equipment is a member of IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association).

Public Playground Safety Checklist

Provided by The Consumer Product Safety Commission

  • If your safety surface is made from loose fill, make sure the surfaces around the playground equipment have at least 1 in. of wood chips, mulch, sand, or pea gravel per foot of play surface height.
  • If your safety surface is synthetic (such as rubber mats or poured in place rubber surface), visually inspect the surface for unusual wear patterns.
  • Check that the safety surface extends at least 6 ft. in all directions from the play equipment. For swings, verify that the safety surface extends twice the height of the top beam, both in front of the swings and behind the swings.
  • Make sure that play structures more than 30 in. high are spaced at least 9 ft. apart.
  • Check for dangerous hardware. Verify that all bolts exist, that they remain tight, and that there are no more than 2 threads protruding outward.
  • Examine swing set hardware for wear. Verify that all “S” hooks remain closed (a dime should not be able to pass through the opening). Worn swing seats can cause injuries! Check swing seats for wear or cracking, and verify the ends have no excessive wear.
  • Make sure that all spaces that can trap children, such as opening in guardrails or between rung ladders, measures less than 3.5 in., or greater than 9 in.
  • Check for sharp points and edges on all equipment.
  • Look for tripping hazards, like exposed concrete footings, tree stumps, and rocks.
  • Make sure that elevated surfaces, like platforms and ramps, have guardrails to prevent falls.
  • Make sure that all children are properly supervised while they are on the playground, and go not engage in inappropriate play.
  • Perform a safety check at least once per year.

Making the case for kids moving more.

What is Physical Activity?

Physical activity is any bodily exercise that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness. We think of physical activity as burning energy or calories. For health benefits, physical activity should be of moderate or vigorous intensity, according to the USDA.

Some examples of moderate activities include: walking, biking, gardening, and hiking.

Some examples of vigorous activities include: running, swimming, aerobic exercise, soccer and competitive basketball.

How Active is Active Enough?

Typically once you begin to sweat you are engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity. If you are running and find it difficult to talk-and-run, chances are you are engaged in moderate to vigorous activity. It is generally thought that children begin to see health benefits after 20-30 minutes of continuous moderate to vigorous activity per day occurring for a period of 6 weeks and beyond.

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends that children participate in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity five days a week. However, the Shape of the Nation Report 2010 reveals that fewer than one-third of all children ages six to 17 engage in vigorous activity defined as participating in physical activity for at least 20 minutes that made the child sweat and breathe hard for at least 20 minutes.

Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Regular physical activity is important for children for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the long term health benefits. Physical activity also aids in maintaining a healthy weight.  In addition to long term health benefits, children also benefit from keeping active.

Some of the additional benefits are:

  • Decreases chance depression
  • Helps with sleeping at night
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Helps with maintaining a healthy weight
  • Enjoying the ability to move easily.

Inactive children and young adults can show signs of:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure, and
  • Increased chance of stroke
  • The good news is that even a modest amount of physical activity is good for children’s health and the more active you are the more you will benefit.

How Children Become More Active

There are many popular activities that help children to get and remain active. Sports participation comes to mind as well as dance and gymnastics classes.

Schools that enjoy the benefit of a physical education instructor are at an advantage as physical activity minutes are often met or can occur in their daily physical education class. An additional benefit is instruction that they receive often results in underlying motor skill proficiency contributing to their success.  They tend to increase their participation in sports teams; they gain the confidence to be active.