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American Playgrounds 1: Lion’s Park Playscape

This is the first in our series on awesome playgrounds across America. At Playtime, we’re in the business of having fun, and we want to recognize the creative ways that others contribute to that same goal. Each week, we’ll spotlight another creative playground somewhere in the United States. This week, we’ll take a look at […]

Worn or Missing Playground Parts Replacement

The following replacement parts are available: merry go cycle seats, merry go cycle arms, see saw seats, swing seats, swing chains, swing hooks, pedals for cycles, wheels, tires, steering wheels. S-Hook Large Loop Zinc Your playground hangs tough with these high quality zinc plated and galvanized S-hooks. They feature a 5/16″ diameter and will support […]

Public Playground Safety Checklist

Playtime Playground Equipment is committed to providing a safe environment for all children to entertain and develop themselves. We Meet or Exceed All ASTM Safety Standards. Playtime Playground Equipment meets or exceeds all playground Industry safety standards. Below you can read the Public Playground Safety Checklist as provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Playtime […]

Making the case for kids moving more.

What is Physical Activity? Physical activity is any bodily exercise that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness. We think of physical activity as burning energy or calories. For health benefits, physical activity should be of moderate or vigorous intensity, according to the USDA. Some examples of moderate activities include: walking, biking, […]

Recycled Playground Equipment Gives Joy to Autism Center

Kids love to play around and go to a playground. In a conversation between the Betance Enterprises, Inc. and a friend working for the Air Force Space Command, the current playground equipment was recycled and Betance donated the playground equipment to the Alpine Autism Center in Colorado Springs. Apart from donating the playground sets, employees […]

Benefits of Having Playground Equipment for Children

Children simply love to play with other kids and go to a playground. They can spend hours climbing, running and doing almost all kinds of activities and play around these playground equipment sets. According to a report released by the Shasta Children and Families First Commission, having playgrounds can definitely give various kinds of benefits […]

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