Playground Musical Equipment for Texas Child Care Centers

According to children researchers there are some components that are essential to a child’s literacy development. They are listening, speaking, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, comprehension, understanding concepts of book and print and phonological awareness.

The State of Texas has recognized the important of music to a child’s literacy development and has made the inclusion of musical instrument / equipment an essential requirement for Texas child care, daycare and child development centers.

Experts believe that music enhances the brain’s ability to absorb critical information.Music may alter children’s brain waves to make them more receptive to learning. According to Texas Minimum Standard for Child Care Centers guide, “It appears that music’s rhythm and harmony might stimulate vital patterns in brain growth and neurological development. Because music evokes emotion, it can heighten emotional involvement in learning. Recorded music is great, but so is impromptu singing and music-making by children and adults alike. There should be simple musical instruments in the child care setting for toddlers to create their own music.”

Playground Musical Instruments that Meets Texas child care center standards

At Playtime Playground equipment we manufacturer two musical playground equipment (xylophone and musical chime) designed to increase verbal communication. These sounding toys creates soothing music that stimulates the sensory of the brain and bring fun and excitement to any playground.

xylophone for texas day care centers
Xylophone (great musical instrument for TX child care center)
musical chime for TX day care centers
Musical Chime (add it to your child care center)



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