Daycare Tree House Slide Structure Playground Equipment

The Tree House is one of the most fun playground structure at a child care or child development center. Kids age 2yrs to 6 yrs really love the opportunity to slide, climb and slip up and down this structure. Owning to its multi-use, three playground equipment in one (slide, climber and tree house), it is a really versatile item to have at any playground.

With the tree house, kids can crawl through the tunnel, play hide-and-seek, climb the ladder, or slide down the plastic structure. The only problem, this tree house can be so much fun the kids will not want to leave.

At Playtime, our tree houses are made in different color combination. You just have to call us and let us know what is your color preference. Our vibrant colors blends perfectly with the outdoors, making our tree house a natural fit for you daycare, church facility or park. Our sales representation can come to your facility and advice you on the right tree house for your kids. If you purchase a tree house through our sales rep. then we can also install it for you, saving you time and money.

We know that running a child development center requires financing. At Playtime, we provide a convenient way to finance your tree house through low interest financing with Marlin.

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Tree House for child development center
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