Recycled Playground Equipment Gives Joy to Autism Center

Kids love to play around and go to a playground. In a conversation between the Betance Enterprises, Inc. and a friend working for the Air Force Space Command, the current playground equipment was recycled and Betance donated the playground equipment to the Alpine Autism Center in Colorado Springs. Apart from donating the playground sets, employees of Betance also spend time to install the playground equipment over the weekend. Employees spent more than 70 hours to finally complete and finish the installation.

According to Heather Duggan, the Resident Engineer at Peterson Air Force Base, “The Corps was all for donating the equipment and considers it in keeping with the contract requirements that the contractor recycle all materials possible.” Furthermore, Duggan says that the said move is also helpful on the side of Betance as they are able to recycle these materials and remove waste. With the playground equipment being donated to the Autism Center, they get to have the opportunity to give back to the veterans as well as their families.

The Director of the Alpine Autism Center, Kaylee Rosecrantz said that they was really ecstatic as kids would love their new playground. When the kids first saw the playground equipment, they found it really amazing. While the playground sets were installed, kids were waiting and watching as they were very eager to get the chance to play. If other organizations would also do the same, many kids would get the opportunity to have a playground where they can play and have fun.

Having a playground can be really expensive considering that one set already costs thousands of dollars. This cost does not even include the installation cost. With playground equipment being really expensive, not everyone can afford to purchase and set-up their own playground. In fact, institutions and organizations that have this kind of facility would come up with various ways to finance having and installing a playground. But if businesses would donate then kids can have the chance to enjoy the benefits of having a playground.

The playground is not just a place where children can play. It is also useful and very helpful in helping kids develop various kinds of skills. For those who are suffering from autism, playgrounds can also have therapeutic effects that can be really beneficial. Kids who spend time to interact with other children are happier and healthier.

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