How to Ensure Kids Safety on Summer Playground

summer playground
Taking care of children in playground at child development center

No matter what the season is kids will still love to play around. Depending on the area where you live, the Summer can get really cold. For kids, it is a very frustrating feeling to just be inside an air-conditioned house especially when you want to play outside. Unfortunately, every year there are many kids who incur injuries brought about by playground-related accidents. The good news is that there are ways for you to avoid them.

Inspect the Playground Equipment

Before you allow the kids to play, it is important to inspect the playground equipment first. According to, kids experience bruises and heat strokes. During summer, these are the most common incidents that may happen especially when structures are extremely hot or damaged.

Prior to playing, check the equipment if there are any extra hot areas or jagged edges or metal build-up. Swings and plastic structure surfaces can get really hot in the sweltering Summer months. Look at the handrails. Make sure that the playground equipment is completely safe. Apply cold water to the area until the metal can be made cool. In addition, you can cover the area with a protective covering early in the morning, prior to use.

Hydration is vital during the hot summer months. Ensure that ever kid drinks water at regular intervals. A parent should pack their children’s lunch box with hydrating fluids.

Allow kids to play only with adult supervision.

Kids tend to move around a lot. Chances are they are not even aware when they play too much that may cause them harm or inflict harm on other kids. That is why it is crucial to make sure that children playing on the playground especially during winter are supervised by adults. An accident can occur at any time and it actually helps if there are adults that monitor the conditions of the playground structure and oversee the kids while they are playing. This may not completely guarantee zero accidents, but it can reduce risks and injuries.

Monitor the weather condition.

No matter how kids beg to go outside and play, parents always have to assess the weather condition and be firm in not allowing their kids to play if temperatures are above 100 degrees. At such temperatures, they are at risk of suffering from heat strokes and dehydration. In which case, parents will always have to consider the safety and welfare of their children. It is better to be safe than sorry. Kids can just stay inside the home and do other activities.

Playing outdoors is definitely a fun activity and social experience for kids. Even if it is winter, it does not mean that kids can no longer go out to play. However, there are important things that parents and guardians have to consider to ensure the kids’ safety and to prevent an accident. As a parent, you will always have to prioritize your kid’s safety. There are so many other alternatives if the weather gets really bad and they can

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