Categories of Commercial Playground Equipment for Kids


What Do Kids Want? You don’t have to wonder any more, because Playtime understands how fun works. We have been building playgrounds for over 25 years, so we know exactly what makes one worth playing on. Our designs encourage your child’s imagination and make it fun for them to get moving!

Some of our bestsellers, like the Merry-Go-Cycle, and musical chimes let kids interact not only with the playground, but with each other! Great fun and exercise for your little ones.

Trains! Firetrucks! School buses! Let your child’s imagination drive them on to new adventures in our fun and creative rides. Some designs come equipped with springs for extra fun and exercise, as the wheels on the bus bounce up and down.

Climbing Towers
We build everything from basic one-stage play towers to sprawling four-stage playgrounds. Buy straight off the line or order a custom design! Since we build everything ourselves, meeting your needs is easy and affordable.

Classics Swings and Slides
You can never wrong with the classic swings and climbers. At playtime we produce swings that would be part of your playground for a very long time. Our Two and Three set swings are a must have for kids fun and interaction. Our slides are made from tough metal and plastic. Perfect for day-cares, backyards, housing communities and parks.

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