As expected with every equipment, after many months and years of use, parts will be needed to be replaced. There are so many reasons why: the little kiddos have ridden on the Merry Go Cycle the umpteenth time, and the seats are wearing-out; peddles have been placed in a circular motion a million times, and they are basically screaming for “replace and renew”; swing sets have been taken on so many pendulum sways that a new belt would be a wise decision; chimes paddles have made so many sensory sounds on the xylophone and chime that it seems right to have a pair on standby.

At we supply a range of affordably priced playground equipment replacement parts to supply all your backup, standby, supplemental parts and accessory needs – to ensure your playground is safe, fully equipped and functional. The Playground can be a bummer with playground equipment, but no parts to keep them running, to support a fun-filled atmosphere.

Due to the absolute necessity to have a safe and well-maintained playground, sourcing play-sets parts from well-established manufacturers like PlayTime is the key.

When you are in need of an immediate component or accessory for your indoor or outdoor playground play structures, you will need to source them from a company you can trust. It is unwise to make emergency replacement parts purchases. Instead, one should do a monthly checkup of playground equipment to observe whether parts are due for replacement. In some cases where equipment is used quite frequently, having a few backup replacements may prevent you from running out of much-needed parts to ensure uninterrupted playground fun.

The proper checkup will entail a thorough observation of equipment functionality, security issues resulting from improper structure positioning and worn-out parts, loose screws and bolts, faded mulched areas, and broken parts that may compromise the full operability of structures.

If you have discovered commercial playground equipment with rusty parts or general splintering, give us a call immediately, so that we can replace them and upgrade your playground to tip-top shape. Your monthly inspection should include taking record of a list of components that should be replaced immediately and those due for replacement in the not too distant future.

Apart from the playground units and modules on our website, we provide a physical catalog that provides a little more granular detail on our parts offering. Our playground parts are made in America with integrity and high-quality craftsmanship. They are built to tolerate frequent and rigorous rides from our children. Our friendly staff is always on standby. Give us a call if you are interested in replacing your parts at a right price that is affordable. We ship our components via USPS, UPS, FedEx or a sundry of trucking companies that traverse through the U.S. Highways.

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